Marriages Fail

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

When you made the pledge to love your spouse until “death do you part”, you never expected that it could eventually lead to unhappiness or even divorce. Unfortunately, many couples face the disintegration of marriage without even realizing it is happening. In order to keep a marriage happy and healthy, both spouses must be actively involved in keeping communication strong between themselves and working to maintain overall family peace and happiness.


It’s essential to set good boundaries from the very beginning regarding the types of relationships you may have outside of the marriage. If one spouse has an inappropriate banter or conversation with a friend outside the marriage, bad decisions and consequences are almost always the result. As that spouse connects in illicit ways with that new friend, the energy used to keep their spouse happy will most likely dwindle down to a dangerous level.


It’s not natural for some people to open up and talk about their feelings to others, but in order to foster emotional intimacy in a marriage, communication lines must stay open and feelings should be discussed. Similarly, if affection and sexual fulfillment are missing, problems can quickly get out of control. Married couples need to be more than roommates, and have intimate, sexual relationships that are only between the two of them.


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If either spouse has a tendency to fight ugly and go off into an uncontrollable rage, it can quickly destroy the trust in the relationship. Anger can be constructive in solving problems when it is used correctly, but if it’s abused, anger can quickly lead to serious injury and consequences leading to a call to a divorce attorney to help end the relationship. Trust and emotional safety are threatened when a spouse fears the angry response of another.


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Essentially, married couples are happier when they are reasonable, willing to compromise, have the same goals, and are striving toward making the marriage a success. If one or both succumb to one or more of the common reasons marriages fail, the road back to happiness within the marriage can be long and difficult. Married couples can give their marriage a better chance of success by identifying areas of struggle and working to fix them.